Labour get three point boost from Opinium

Labour get three point boost from Opinium

Opinium – D. Express May 3 Apr 26
LIB DEMS 27% 28%
LABOUR 28% 25%

Are we seeing a last minute recovery?

There’s a new poll out from Opinium which sees a three point jump in the Labour share and follows a period which saw the final debate and, of course, “Bigotgate”.

Although the firm is new this will give real heart to the red team as they try to fend off what seemed like a certain defeat.

This looks as though it will be the firm’s final poll – the one that will go into the list that will be compared with Thursday’s outcome.

Let’s see what we get from ComRes and YouGov later both of whom are operating different methodology from what they used in 2005.

Mike Smithson

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