Brown trails even further in the leadership ratings

Brown trails even further in the leadership ratings

“Is Brown/Cameron/Clegg doing well-badly as PM/CON leader/LD leader ..” Well Badly Net Change
BROWN 33% (38) 63% (57) -30 -9
CAMERON 58% (50) 36% (37) +22 +9
CLEGG 79% (77) 14% (14) +65 +2
YouGov Sunday Times

Is this where “Bigotgate” is taking its toll?

YouGov has now published the full data from its Sunday Times poll so we can see the detail of what many, including myself, regard as a good guide to what will happen in the election. The key points are:-

  • Brown is down
  • Cameron is up
  • Clegg maintains the best figures for any leader since Blair
  • We’ve also got the detailed data from this morning’s Guardian ICM poll which once again has a very big gap between what the published figures were and what the numbers were before the pollster applied its “Don’t know” adjustment whereby half the “votes” of those who said “don’t know” were allocated in accordance with what they did in 2005.

    Pre-adjusted ICM – May 2 Actuals Published
    CONSERVATIVES 33.6% 33%
    LIB DEMS 28.3% 28%
    LABOUR 25.6% 28%

    So the five point Tory lead over Labour became eight points.

    Mike Smithson

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