Labour drop down to 24 percent with Harris

Labour drop down to 24 percent with Harris

And the LDs move to within one point

Harris – Mail Apr 30 Apr 28
LIB DEMS 32% 30%
LABOUR 24% 25%

A second poll out tonight, from Harris for the Daily Mail, has good news for the Yellows, moderately good news for the blues, and Labour edging down to just 24%. This is just one point above the 23% that the Angus Reid/Economist poll found.

News of the poll has come from the reproduction of front page of the paper that’s on the PoliticsHome site. We don’t know the fieldwork date but based on last week’s survey for the paper I’m assuming that it finished today.

One of the great hopes of Lib Dem strategists is that Labour supporters will switch to them when they realise that the election is lost.

Mike Smithson

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