Lib Dems back in the 30s with YouGov and Harris

Lib Dems back in the 30s with YouGov and Harris

But its CON up- LD down in YESTERDAY’s CR roly-poly poll

YouGov/The Sun Apr 28 Apr 27
LIB DEMS 31% 28%
LABOUR 27% 29%
Harris – Metro Apr 28 Apr 23
LIB DEMS 30% 29%
LABOUR 25% 26%
ComRes/ITV-The Independent Apr 27 Apr 26
LIB DEMS 26% 29%
LABOUR 29% 29%

So three new national voting intention polls showing sharply contrasting pictures of Lib Dem support where the differences might be explained by the fieldwork dates.

The ComRes survey, based on a new sample of 500 on Tuesday added to 500 from Monday, is showing the same broad trend that we saw in most of the polls last night and has Clegg’s party down sharply. But it is old.

Fieldwork for the YouGov daily poll finished today though I guess that not that many of those sampled took part after Mr. Brown met Mrs. Duffy. That should show up tomorrow.

There’s no detail yet of the Harris fieldwork dates though like other surveys from the firm it probably took place over an extended period.

There’s also the ICM Lib Dem marginals poll which seems to be suggesting that the Tories are holding their own defending seats against the yellows but Clegg’s party is doing well against Labour. I plan to cover this in more detail when the datasets are published.

Mike Smithson

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