Labour get closer with ICM

Labour get closer with ICM

ICM Guardian Apr 25 Apr 23
LIB DEMS 30% 31%
LABOUR 28% 26%

But the LDs remain in the 30s

The first of tonight’s polls is out and had good news for Mr. Brown. Labour have moved up from the weekend ICM poll while both the Tories and Lib Dems have dropped a point.

This is all margin of error stuff but it will give heart to the red team as it seeks to avoid finishing in third place in terms of votes.

Maybe the Elvis Presley stunt was not a bad idea after all?

Several other polls due tonight – let’s see if there is a trend.


But the Tories extend their lead with Opinium

Opinium: Daily Express Apr 26 Apr 19
LIB DEMS 28% 29%
LABOUR 25% 26%

All margin of error stuff again from a pollster that is still showing a fairly high share for others.

Mike Smithson

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