Is the forecourt where it will be decided?

Is the forecourt where it will be decided?

What’s the £5.50 gallon going to do to “Motorway Man”?

A combination of budgets measures and the declining pound has forced the price of petrol up and it now stands at just on £1.20 a litre or £5.50 a gallon equalling the highest level ever.

Historically there’s been a link between the price of petrol and Labour’s position in the polls. Look at the latest version of this chart that we’ve featured before.


Given that one of the key “demographics” for swing voters in swing seats has become “Motorway Man” how is this going to impact on voting?

For a 50 litre tankful of unleaded that cost £42.50 in January 2009 is going to set you back £60 today.

For if you have to drive then this will make serious inroads into your weekly budget.

Mike Smithson

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