Labour drop to a 2010 low with YouGov

Labour drop to a 2010 low with YouGov

YG daily poll: Sunday Times Apr 3 Apr 1
LABOUR 29% 31%
LIB DEMS 20% 19%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 6.5% 5.5%

Another pollster has Brown’s party in the 20s

According to SkyNews the YouGov daily poll for the Sunday Times is now out and has Labour at its lowest level from the firm since December 17th 2009.

The figures are almost in line with the 38-27-20 that we had an hour or so ago from Angus Reid for the Sunday Express – so the apparent bad week that Labour is said to have had is being reflected in the polls.

Given that Mr, Brown has to go to the palace on Tuesday if there is to be a May 6th general election then tonight’s numbers are far from encouraging.

How things have shifted since March 24th – ten days ago – when the YouGov gap was down to just 2. Maybe he ought to have gone for a March election after all?

My guess is that we could see some sharpish moves on the betting markets.

My betting: Just put £200 on with Ladbrokes that the Labour share will be less than 30%. Got 11/10 – that won’t last long.

Mike Smithson

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