But is “Glam Sam Cam” the big political story?

But is “Glam Sam Cam” the big political story?

What does it tell us about her and Dave?

Today’s main political stories on the front pages are features above – but the one I guess the one that will get the most attention is a series of pictures of Samantha Cameron in the Mail on Sunday.

You can see it being trailed heavily on the MoS’s front page alongside the “cash for influence” report. Inside we read of how the photo-shoot came to happen a couple of years after she got married.

If “news” is defined as what you find out today that you didn’t know yesterday then surely the Mail on Sunday’s spread comes top of the the list.

For the cash for access pieces hardly adds to our understanding of the political classes even if we did not know the details. But the pictures of the opposition leader’s spouse might make us view her and her husband in a different way.

Whether they help or hinder Dave’s drive to become next PM we shall have to wait and see.

Mike Smithson

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