The Tories drop two with ICM

The Tories drop two with ICM

ICM Sunday Telegraph Mar 11 Mar 4
LABOUR 31% 31%
LIB DEMS 21% 19%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 5% 6%

But it’s Clegg’s party not Labour that benefits

The first of tonight’s polls, ICM for the Telegraph, provides a real boost for the Lib Dems who are gathered in Birmingham for their Spring conference.

The 21% shares is only 1.7% down on what they achieved last time and must give them real hopes of hanging on in LD>CON marginals.

For the blues another disappointing poll which will further fuel the hung parliament speculation. They will be cheered that it’s not Labour getting the benefit.

With all national polls we have to factor in the marginals affect which has across a number of firms pointed to an additional swing of 2 points. Even then this poll is very much on the margin.

I’m expecting at least a YouGov poll as well tonight.

Mike Smithson

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