Let’s all pat ourselves on the back

Let’s all pat ourselves on the back

Evening Standard

“….But the kind of scrutiny to which certain punters subject opinion polls now is useful — and greater than that of some political obsessives. When Kellner appeared for a live online discussion on politicalbetting.com last week, he was grilled by dozens of punters probing the finer points of YouGov’s weighting system. It was, compared with much of the vitriol that passes for political debate on the web, a remarkably polite and well-informed discussion.

The reason politicalbetting.com has become a must-read website in the Westminster village is not because the commentariat trust Ladbrokes or William Hill: it’s because Smithson’s blog contains some of the sharpest analysis around of polling and electoral trends.”

This is from a great two page article about PB in tonight’s London Evening Standard.

Mike Smithson

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