The Tory daily poll lead moves up a notch

The Tory daily poll lead moves up a notch

CON 38% (38)
LAB 32% (33)
LD 19%(16)

And the Lib Dems move up three

Apart from that blip at the weekend when the Tory lead slipped to just two points the daily poll has had pretty stable figures and tonight’s numbers are no exception. The Tories stable, Labour down one and the Lib Dems up three.

Given that the big political story has continued to be Lord Aschroft’s tax affairs then the Tories will be a tad relieved that while they are not going up – Labour has dropped.

Maybe like the Rawnsley allegations about life in Number 10 the Ashcroft story is just something for the Westminster village and outside it few people care. For if they did then you’d expect this to be reflected in the polls.

Quite what’s driven the move to the Lib Dems I don’t know.

Another daily poll tomorrow – same time same place.

Mike Smithson

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