Welcome Peter Kellner

Welcome Peter Kellner


Lots of questions about weightings


Thank you very much for being the third pollster to take part in an online discussion on PB. You follow Bob Worcester and your former YouGov colleague who is now at Angus Reid, Andy Morris.

Q.There’ve been quite a few issues raised on the previous threads about your party ID weightings and the apparent difficulty you seem to have getting enough in the Labour category to take part. The result is, as can be seen in the panel above, that you have to sharply scale them up in order to meet the quota. Isn’t there the possibility for a lot of distortion? Could it be that the Labour ID people who take part are more enthusiastic than those who don’t take part?

Can you also deal with the Labour Loyal – Labour Disloyal split?

Can others who’ve posted comments on previous threads please copy then and paste them here.

Over to you Peter.

Mike Smithson

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