And yet again the daily poll reports a 6pc lead

And yet again the daily poll reports a 6pc lead

CON 39% (38)
LAB 33% (32)
LD 16%(19)

But how will it compare with tonight’s MORI poll?

Tonight’s YouGov daily poll for the Sun maintains the consistency that we’ve seen for a week with Labour just six points behind the Tories. Both main parties move up one but there’s a big shift downwards for Nick Clegg’s party.

At this level YouGov is suggesting that Labour have dropped just one in twelve of the voters who supported Blair’s party in 2005 – something that will raise further questions about the pollster’s weightings which have seen a revision this week.

Caveman had a good post on this during the morning which is well worth reading. I plan to return to the subject in more detail when I get back from holiday next week.

The big polling development is that the Telegraph appears to have switched to MORI following the end of their seven year relationship with YouGov. The February survey will be out tonight. Last month it was C40-L32-LD16

Mike Smithson

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