Could tonight’s YouGov finally move the markets?

Could tonight’s YouGov finally move the markets?

342 – 347 (nc) Sporting Index
346 – 349.5 (+1) Betfair Line market

218 – 223 (nc) Sporting Index
213 – 218 (nc) Betfair Line market

53 – 56 (nc) Sporting Index
53.5 – 54 (nc) Betfair Line market

What further evidence do gamblers need?

Yesterday before the two new polls came out there was a bit of speculation on one of the threads over what would happen on the commons seats spread markets if the Guardian’s ICM survey had the lead down to just seven percent.

Well that, as we all know, is precisely what’s happened and just look the latest prices above on the Betfair party line market and Sporting Index. The comparisons are with yesterday afternoon

Some bookies have tightened their prices on a hung parliament but there’s very little evidence of much confidence by punters ready to risk much of their cash on the evidence that the race is getting tighter.

At some stage, if the polling trends continue, surely, the money is going to pile onto Labour and against the Tories. Let’s see what happens tonight.

Mike Smithson

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