The MORI election fact of the day

The MORI election fact of the day

Young women – like the Tories but what about Dave?

This is Ipsos-MORI’s polling “fact of the day”:

Since 2005, the Conservatives have particularly gained ground among women, especially women aged 18-34. Among this age-group, the proportion of women saying they intend to vote Conservative has risen dramatically since the 2005 election (from 22% to 37%). This does not seem to be driven by satisfaction with David Cameron as party leader, however; over the last year women aged 18-34 were less satisfied with the way Cameron is doing his job (45%) than men of the same age (53%).

By contrast, there is no difference between men and women of this age group in their attitudes towards Gordon Brown; only a third of both men (34%) and women (33%) aged 18-34 are satisfied with the way Brown is doing is job as Prime Minister.

Mike Smithson

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