What does this say about voter motivation?

What does this say about voter motivation?


Is this the product of being in power for 13 years?

I don’t quite know what to make of this poll from PoliticsHome – the politics website and quasi polling organisation that has yet to join the British Polling Council.

Inevitably when you’ve been at the helm for a fairly long time then there will have been a whole lot of disappointments on the policy front.

But I just wonder what these numbers say about the motivation of party supporters. You would expect that those with higher hopes and a greater confidence would be more likely to turn out on the day.

Maybe Labour support in polls is more flakey than that for the other parties? It certainly seems that way.

PoliticsHome interviewed 1,193 adults between 15-18 January 2010.

Mike Smithson

PB – “Political Website of the Year”
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