What do we think of Iain’s election prediction?

What do we think of Iain’s election prediction?

Iain Dale

Good on Iain Dale – he’s done something that I have been avoiding – making a prediction on the outcome of the coming general election.

His seat predicted seat totals are:-
Conservative 331
Labour 216
LibDem 69
Plaid Cymru 5
Green 1
Others 3
Northern Ireland 18

As discussion on this seems to have taken over the previous thread I thought it merited a separate examination on its own. Amongst Iain’s details:-

LibDems lose 9 seats to the Conservatives and 1 to Plaid Cymru
Conservatives lose 2 seats to the LibDems but none to any other party
Labour loses 112 seats to the Conservatives, 15 seats to the LibDems, 2 seats to Plaid Cymru, 1 seat to the SNP and 1 seat to the Greens
Respect loses 1 seat to Labour
SNP loses two seats to the Conservatives

What do PBers think?

Mike Smithson

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