Quickie poll has Tories up to 42 percent?

Quickie poll has Tories up to 42 percent?

CON 42% (40)
LAB 30% (31)
LD 16% (17)

According to ITV news there’s a new YouGov poll for the Sun that has the Tory leader up by three points to 12%.

The changes are all within the margin of error though the Tories will be encouraged to be at their highest YouGov share since just after their party conference in October.

It appears as though the survey was carried out AFTER news of the H-H plot and, given the timing, it probably had a smaller than normal sample.

As we saw during the party conference season these quickie polls can be all over the place and we’ll need to wait a few days to see what the impact, if any, was.

UPDATE: According to the Sun report on the poll the sample was a walloping 2,832. That is an extraordinary total given the very short fieldwork period which went from 4pm yesterday to noon today. It probably reflects the huge interest there is in political developments at the moment.

Mike Smithson

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