Is something dramatic going on?

Is something dramatic going on?

What do we make of Paul Waugh’s post?

This was posted by Paul Waugh on his Evening Standard blog within the past hour:-

“….In the last few hours, the rumours have been swirling around again that a Cabinet minister could quit in protest at Gordon’s leadership. The plotters have certainly asked a sympathetic minister to do so – but whether he will do so is another matter.

When I just confronted one Cabinet minister – who had been described in a pre-Christmas plotters meeting as being deeply unhappy – he simply said he didn’t want his name linked in any way to such reports. Perhaps significantly (and he ain’t a usual suspect, believe me), he refused to comment publicly or privately on whether Gordon was leading the party in the right direction.

There is certainly something going on, but with many MPs only just making their way back to Parliament through the snow and wind, it’s difficult to assess how coordinated this all is.

Mnisters are twitchy, backbenchers know the plot talk is abroad again. But will it all fizzle out yet again?…”

Mike Smithson

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