So how did you do in forecasting 2009?

So how did you do in forecasting 2009?

The PB Competition Results Revealed

It’s that time of year again – to look ahead and make resolutions, but perhaps even more importantly, to see how you fared in the PB 2009 Prediction Competition.

The clear winner, including a magisterial performance in the local elections section, is Ladbrokes’ finest in the shape of Shadsy – the long hours spent looking after the Magic Sign’s politics desk have clearly paid off – congratulations Shadsy and many thanks for all your betting input to PB during 2009.

In second place is Robert Thompson, while the final podium space is filled by LS in third – well done to both of you.

The top 20 on the competition leaderboard are displayed and include one or two of PB’s “heavy hitters” with fellow deputy editor David Herdson at 13th and newly-crowned joint poster of the year Richard Nabavi at 19th.

I’ve been unable to upload the Excel spreadsheet onto PB, so if you’d like a copy of the full detailed results to find out where you finished, please email me at electiongame[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk and I’ll send you one.

Can I also take this opportunity to wish all PB’ers a very happy and prosperous New Year, and trust that you had a great Christmas. A very busy year ahead, but for some of us it starts early with Ukraine and Chile on 17th January! – many thanks for all the comments on my international slots during the year and special thanks for the guest articles, with a particular mention for Dan Hamilton’s outstanding piece on Brazil.

Finally, a huge thanks to Our Genial Host and the rest of the PB team – this site remains a fantastic venture to be part of and continues to go from strength to strength. It’s been great working alongside fellow deputy editors David Herdson and Morus (and if it were a US election he would have been called the winner in Tipster of the Year early on, richly deserved for the Ashton tip), many thanks too to Marf for her great cartoons, to Robert for keeping the IT architecture running smoothly (and improving it), and to our latest arrival Bernard Wiggins for keeping such a beady eye on the moderation box, and to PtP for his betting input and looking after the social side.

Not only was it great to see PB winning the political website of the year award, but also to see Mike finishing so highly in the personality section, only pipped by the rather more controversial Guido!! Very best wishes to Mike, the rest of the team, and PB’ers everywhere for what will be a busy but very exciting 2010 – have a great year.

Double Carpet

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