The 2009 PB Poster of the Year – the final round

The 2009 PB Poster of the Year – the final round

Voting is open to all PBers whether they post or not

The PB Poster of the Year – The Final Five. Please vote for one only.
Richard Nabavi
David Herdson
Yellow Submarine
Peter the Punter

And don’t forget the PB Tipster of the Year

In the first round of voting Richard Nabavi came top just ahead of David Herdson and Yellow Submarine. There were only going to be four places but when I checked at the appointed time this morning Easterross and Peter the Punter were tied – so both have been included.

Voting starts now and will continue until 9am in Monday morning.

Next week over the New Year break there will be the election for the PB Betting Tipster of the Year. There are many good candidates including:-

  • Roger for his guidance on the Oscars
  • Richard Nabavi for his solid analysis and all year round tipping successes.
  • Morris Dancer for his great guidance on F1.
  • The Twin Towers (standing as a duo – Peter the Punter and Peter from Putney) for their consistent and regular betting advice.
  • URW for his regular and reliable betting analysis month month by month
  • MORUS (Greg Callus) for what for me was the tip of the year – Cathy Ashton for the EU foreign supremo position when Ladbrokes had her at 50/1.
  • There are several others like StJohn who has very much added to out betting enjoyment and the other members of the PB Super Six.

    Please give your thoughts on this thread.

    Mike Smithson

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