Would you sell Labour at 1,000 pounds a seat?

Would you sell Labour at 1,000 pounds a seat?

Sporting Index

Now the high rollers are entering the market

After all the excitement on the commons seats spread markets last week there’s been a sharp reverse following the latest spate of opinion polls.

A couple of days ago I was noting that there’s been a rush of big value bets on Labour. One at £1,000 a seat was a Labour buy and there’d been two £1,000 a seat Tory sells.

Well it’s all gone the other way round. This morning Sporting Index emailed me to say that prices had moved back following a £1,000 a seat sell bet on Labour at the 212 seat level.

This is serious stuff. If Labour managed to squeeze to 282 seats then this punter would be down £70,000. On the other hand she/he would make £50,000 if the outcome was 162 seats.

The betting will get bigger as we get closer to the date, A week or so before the 2005 election there were £5,000 a seat trades being reported.

This is a form of punting for the brave and those with deep pockets. I have lost and won big sums , though not on this scale, spread betting.

Mike Smithson

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