Labour move up a bit in new PB Angus Reid poll

Labour move up a bit in new PB Angus Reid poll

CON 40% (40)
LAB 24% (23)
LD 20%(19)
OTHERS 15% (18)

And others decline a bit too

These are the figures just in from our latest survey where the fieldwork started on Wednesday and finished only this morning.

Importantly this survey started two days after that for last weekend’s polls by ICM and MORI finished – so it is more up to date. We are, of course, still waiting for the latter to appear.

Although Angus Reid has been showing Tory shares at about the same level as the other firms its Labour figures have been at the bottom of the range. A key element in this as we’ve discussed in the past couple of days has been the way it operates it past vote weighting calculation.

The reason the shares don’t add up to a hundred is because of rounding.

I’m travelling at the moment and will update this later in the afternoon.

Mike Smithson

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