Remember this from almost exactly a year ago?

Remember this from almost exactly a year ago?

Could Mr. Brown be about to “Save the World” in Copenhagen?

It’s almost exactly a year ago that PB’s occasional cartoonist, Marf, produced the biting drawing above linking the closure of Woolworths and Mr. Brown’s slip of the tongue at PMQs about “saving the world”.

This was one of her best and I have the original on the wall in my office.

With the Prime Minister’s unscheduled trip to Copenhagen this week to help build the global consensus on climate change the thought struck me was that he’s trying to repeat what he did during the international banking breakdown fourteen months ago.

Can he keep the show on the road and could he be acknowledged, once again, as the “saviour of the world”?

Now that would be something that would look good when historians assess the Brown years.

Mike Smithson

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