One in twenty say they will vote tactically

One in twenty say they will vote tactically

The response to the PB polling question

The week before last there was a thread in which site users were asked to suggest ideas that can be included in the regular polls that Angus Reid strategies carries out in the UK.

There were dozens of different ideas and the following is the one that was chosen with the outcomes:-

How will you chose which party to vote for?
29% I will chose the party that will make me and my family better off
12% I will chose the party that will be best for people overall, but may make me and my family worse off
34% I will look at a few key issues and see which party closest matches my views on those issues
21% I will look at the parties in the round, and consider their motivations as well as their policies
5% I will chose the party in my constituency that stands the best chance of defeating another party that I dislike

In the New Year we are planning a PB/Angus Reid poll of the marginals and I wonder whether the outcome on tactical voting will be different.

  • This week – My wife Jacky and I are spending some of this autumn’s betting winnings on a short break. Given that one of them was the 50/1 wager on Baroness Ashton getting the big EU job we are, appropriately, in Belgium. This means that posting will be limited and quite a few pieces, like this one, have been set up beforehand. Back on Friday
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