Welcome to the new confident Gordon

Welcome to the new confident Gordon

But is there a danger when’s he’s over-confident?

Anybody watching PMQs today would have seen an emboldened and confident Gordon Brown dealing with a slightly down-beat David Cameron.

Probably Brown was the winner though his continued evasiveness and what turned out to be a wrong assertion on Spain’s G20 membership might just take the gloss off it. He of all people should have known that simple fact and it came over as though he was over-egging the truth to deal with the Cameron attack.

There’s no doubt that his performance will have cheered his party. But is there a danger when Brown is over-confident? Is this when he is at his most vulnerable?

We have seen that before. Just cast your mind back to the London G20 meeting in April which was widely regarded as a triumph for Mr. Brown.

A day or so afterwards he was pressed on the growing MPs expenses story and he got his response entirely wrong. It came over that it was almost beneath him to have to deal with such minor matters – see this BBC story from time. Brown failed to get on top of the expenses issue for months and that cost him dear.

Could the same happen again? We shall see.

Mike Smithson

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