Which party should be most pleased by this?

Which party should be most pleased by this?

YouGov/Citizenship Foundation

But how much importance can we attach to it?

Thanks to Gabble for spotting that YouGov have put up on their web-site the result of a 4,000 sample poll of 14 – 25 years olds which was carried out over the past fortnight.

The dataset runs to an enormous 200 pages and covers a whole range of issues about this age group’s view of the politics.

There was a voting intention question which asked “Which TWO or THREE, if any of the following political parties are you MOST likely to vote for at the next General Election you can vote in or will you not vote? (Please tick up to three options.)” making it difficult to draw conclusions.

As far as I can see the only question where respondents were asked to choose between the parties is the one above and each of the three main parties is “winning” in at least one segment.

  • Labour are ahead amongst the 16/17 years old
  • Lib Dems are ahead in the oldest segment – the 24/25 year olds
  • Conservatives are ahead in all the other segments
  • The only ones who can vote, of course, are those of 18 and above and, quite surprisingly, there is not that much support for lowering the age of voting as Labour has suggested.

    Mike Smithson

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