Stand by all you punters on northern seats

Stand by all you punters on northern seats

Is Labour improving on the PH marginals poll?

Thanks to Wibbler on the previous thread for spotting this – which looks intriguing particularly because the last major marginals poll that had a lot of detail from the north, the PoliticsHome one in September, showed a disproportionate move from Labour to the Tories.

It had LAB>CON swings of around the 10% mark in the North-West, West Yorkshire and the North-East and suggested that at least 31 seats could change hands.

It’s trying to work out what Brogan means by “fascinating”.

The other big issue, of course is to see whether the Ipsos-MORI poll with the Tory lead reduced to six points is being supported by others surveys. PB’s Angus Reid poll on Monday suggested that it wasn’t – what will YouGov have to say?

Mike Smithson

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