Has Morus’s 50/1 shot come in?

Has Morus’s 50/1 shot come in?

Victory in the EU race for the pollster’s spouse

New is just coming out of the names of the two people who will be proposed afor the EU’s top jobs. They are Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy the presidency and Britain’s Baroness Ashton as the EU’s foreign policy chief.

The latter was tipped here by PB’s Morus, Greg Callus, when she was still 50/1.

Baroness Ashton was in the cabinet until last year when she was appointed to take over Peter Mandelson’s job at the EU. She is the wife of YouGov’s Peter Kellner.

I’ve no broadband at the moment – but well done Morus. I got a nice bet on.

Mike Smithson

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