Labour falls back with YouGov

Labour falls back with YouGov

CON 40%(-1)
LAB 27%(-3)
LD 19%(+2)

Will this add to Labour disappointments?

What a difference a week makes? Just six days ago Labour might have just felt that things were turning for them. They’d been down only ten points in the October Populus poll and then there was further goodish news in the two surveys that came out on Saturday evening.

YouGov had them on the psychological 30% mark while ComRes had them only 12 behind with the Tories on 40%. Then, three evenings later we saw MORI, ICM and the new PB Angus Reid Strategies all reporting 17 point gaps.

Now we have tonight’s YouGov poll which while not being in quite the same territory is showing Labour having slipped back.

The BNP are up to 3% in the poll but, perhaps more significantly, 7% of those questioned told the pollster that they would “definitely or probably” consider voting BNP at some point in the future.

Mike Smithson

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