What do we know about BNP voters?

What do we know about BNP voters?


They feel poorer, less safe and believe politicians are corrupt

One of most useful surveys this year was the YouGov mega-poll before the June Euro elections for Channel 4. This had a sample of 32,268 and is presented in a form where we can see the responses of party supporters to a range of attitudinal and personal background questions.

The table featured above looks at party allegiance and the views of their parents and suggests that BNP supporters are almost twice as likely to have been brought up in Labour households and Tory ones.

Compared with supporters of all the other parties BNP voters are much more likely to be dissatisfied with their economic prospects, have more worries about losing their jobs and feel less safe on the streets near their homes.

They have, of course, the strongest views on immigration, with more than three quarters believing that white people are discriminated against and 70% believe that Muslims have unfair advantages.

They are none too keen on BBC journalists and have less trust in senior police officers than the rest. They also have the most negative views of their local MPs.

The whole document is well worth looking at. There are no real surprises but you get a good feel from the responses of about 1,000 people who said they were voting BNP on June 4th.

Mike Smithson

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