A fortnight goes by with no change from ComRes

A fortnight goes by with no change from ComRes

CON 40%(nc) LAB 28%(nc) LD 19%(nc)

But voters would “think better of Brown if he stood down

The first of what are likely to be two polls tonight is just out – ComRes for the Independent on Sunday – has just been published and shpws no change whatsoever compared with the firm’s last survey just a fortnight ago. That was taken between the Labour and Tory conferences.

I’m not convinced by the John Rentoul’s suggestion that this is a post conference poll. If it had been taken immediately afterwards then you could say that. It’s wasn’t – time has moved on since then and there have been a lot of new factors.

One ComRes question was to ask whether people “would think more highly of Gordon Brown if he were to stand aside to let someone else lead Labour into the next election.” This produced: Agree 49% – Disagree 44% with a strong bias towards the younger age groups and lower social class bandings.

I’m hoping for a YouGov tonight.


CON 41% (-1) LAB 30% (+2) LD 17%(-2)

The changes are based on the last published poll from the firm in the Sun.

Again not much movement though Labour will be very encouraged by the progress that is being made. Being at 30% will start to give them some hope.

Mike Smithson

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