What if there is a cross-party rebellion?

What if there is a cross-party rebellion?

Are MPs being treated badly?

One of the best pieces this morning on the Legg report explosion is from the veteran Labour MP and former BBC current affairs presenter, Austin Mitchell in the Times.

He writes:“….the sad fact is that we MPs have nothing and no one to defend us. There is no National Union of Parliamentarians and Related Creeps.

I wish that some kamikaze litigant would apply for a judicial review of the review. That would hold everything up. But I’m sure that no one will have the nerve. We won’t stand together so we’ll all submit separately; this is a Parliament of the defeated and the dejected.

In any case, we MPs are in the position of workers at a threatened factory: if we resist there are thousands of thrusting youths, clever pillocks and ambitious idiots ready to replace us. Many would be prepared to submit to any humiliation or do the job for peanuts. That’s the going rate for monkeys.”

Please note that I am not very well and there will be limited posting today.

Mike Smithson

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