PMQ’s Returns to more of the same

PMQ’s Returns to more of the same

Expenses, Brown under pressure.  It’s as if the Summer never happened.

So, the first PMQ’s of the new term and expenses is dominating the political agenda again.  Will either of the opposition party leaders choose to go on this?  It would be a brave call to do so.

In other news, unemployment continues to rise but at a slower rate than some anticipated.  Could this be Brown’s favoured line to take the attack to his ‘do nothing’ Conservatives?

Before any of the supplementary questions, Brown will no doubt pay tribute to the 37 servicemen who died during parliament’s recess – something that should prove a sobering and quieting effect on the sometimes raucous atmosphere.  Afghanistan will again be in the spotlight with Brown’s announcement on troop deployment there immediately after PMQ’s.

David Herdson

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