The Osborne gamble: The first telephone poll

The Osborne gamble: The first telephone poll

A mixed bag for George as we assess the reaction

I don’t normally cover ComRes polls for the Daily Politics programme because there’s no voting intention question and the samples are not past voted weighted. I’m making an exception this afternoon because there’s been no polling data from anybody this week other than YouGov.

Today’s survey found 43% of those questioned said they trusted the Conservatives most to ‘put in place the right conditions for a strong economic recovery’, compared with 31% for Labour and 11% for the Lib Dems.

However, 36% of those questioned said they trusted Labour most to protect jobs, compared with 31% for the Conservatives.

The poll also found that George Osborne’s plan to end child tax credits for families with income over £50,000 is overwhelmingly supported with 72% in favour and 25% against.

However, a majority of those questioned opposed the Conservative’s plan to bring forward the increase in the state pension age with 45% supporting the idea with 52% opposing it.

A total 34% said they trust the Conservatives most to cut public spending without harming public services. This compared with the 30% saying they trusted Labour most, with 16% for the Lib Dems.

Interesting – but we need voting intention numbers.

Mike Smithson

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