Non-tracker YouGov poll shows 14 point Tory lead

Non-tracker YouGov poll shows 14 point Tory lead

CON 42% (-2) LAB 28% (+1) LD 19%(+2)

Is it back to where we were before the conferences?

A new non-tracker full sample YouGov poll for the Sun is just out and the figure are shown with comparisons on the latest tracker poll where the most of the fieldwork took place last night.

This is a standard 2.161 sample survey and has variations on the smaller poll that was completed a few hours earlier.

I’m coming to the view that the conference season has changed almost nothing and we are in the same broad position that we have seen throughout the summer.

Later tonight I’m expecting a BPIX survey where the fieldwork was carried out by YouGov which has no control over the weightings etc.

UPDATE: It’s being reported that BPIX for the Mail has: CON 42% (+2): LAB 28% (+3): LD 20% (-2) . This comparisons are from the last poll from the “firm” which took place after the Lib Dem conference and before the Labour one.

  • Broadcasting engagements: Tonight I’m due on George Galloway’s show on Talk Radio at about 10.30pm. On Sunday I’m doing a review of the conference polling on Radio 4s “The Westminster Hour“. This starts at 10pm.
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