How’s this going to go down with 59 year olds?

How’s this going to go down with 59 year olds?

Could Osborne’s plan cost the Tories votes?

The front page of the Daily Mail sets the scene and the tone for today’s big news – the announcement from shadow chancellor, George Osborne that from 2016 the male retirement age will be moved from 65 to 66.

This means that many in their late 50s who were looking forward to retirement and their pension in only a few years are going to find they they’ll have to wait a year longer.

By all accounts this has a big impact on government spending plans – critical in the current economic situation. But, from a straight electoral perspective, it will hit millions – many of who are in the voting segments that currently are most likely to be Tories.

This age group, is also much more likely to vote than so getting a policy wrong could have a disproportionate impact.

My guess is that Osborne feels the need to be specific on something at this stage and to demonstrate a determination to take action. But will any kudos he gets from that be outweighed by the reactions of those who will be first to be affected?

It’s a gamble and it will be interesting to see the next polls. For we are all in favour of cuts – provided they don’t affect us personally.

Mike Smithson

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