Labour re-gains some ground in today’s tracker

Labour re-gains some ground in today’s tracker

CON 41% (+1) LAB 29% (+3) LD 17%(-3)

But stand by for some bigger polling developments tonight

Sorry not to have put this up earlier – but I’ve been working on some really big polling news that hopefully I’ll be able to report later.

Here is the Friday YouGov tracker based on fieldwork carried out last night and this morning. It shows a Labour recovery and the Tories putting on a point.

So the bad news of the Sun’s defection seems to be having less of an impact and the conference boost that Lib Dems enjoyed has now almost gone.

UPDATE – The poll’s embargo has been put back

The Poll is the PoliticsHome marginals survey which covers 238 constituencies with a sample of 33,610 voters.

There are detailed predictions for each of the seats – many of which have active betting markets.

I’m talking at the moment about when we can put something up on PB.

Mike Smithson

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