Can Kirsty’s words give Gord another 8 months?

Can Kirsty’s words give Gord another 8 months?

Will there be another “novice” put down?

This is 29 year old Kirsty McNeill, the PM’s adviser in charge of external affairs, who is said to have written last year’s conference speech with the memorable “this is no time for a novice” rhetoric.

She’s recently had a promotion at Number 10 but if Gord liked what she did last year then she’s bound to be involved again this time.

This is the last big one before the general election and Brown, even more than a year ago, needs it to be good. If it’s not then the doubters could be reinforced.

The speech is also a betting event – and I’ve just had a punt on “hard-working families”.

This afternoon, at about 5.15 pm, we are going to get a special YouGov poll with almost instant reaction.

  • On a personal note I believe that Kirsty might have been amongst the student protesters who occupied my building at Oxford University for several days in November 1999. She was then protesting about the student fee regime introduced by….erm… Labour – presumably as part of the public spending regime of the then Chancellor.
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