Is this where Gord is being interviewed for his next job?

Is this where Gord is being interviewed for his next job?

Has Baroness Vadera paved the way for a G20 role?

Last March, ahead of the G20 meeting in London, there was speculation that Gordon could come out of global financial crisis with some new world role which would mean that he’d have a dignified exit route from Number 10.

Well those thoughts are coming to the fore again with the juxtaposition of today’s G20 meeting in Pittsburgh and yesterday’s announcement of Baroness Vadera’s resignation as a minister and news of her new role with the G20. Vadera and Brown have been very close for years and she was one of the most powerful members of Brown Central.

Iain Martin at the WSJ blog has an interesting take on this. He looks at the possible reasons for the Vadera move and poses the question of whether all of this “was set up by Brown as a precursor to him standing down and moving this autumn to become some kind of global economic stability czar (specialist subject, national debt).”

Certainly Brown going like this would solve a lot of problems both for him and for Labour. We’ve speculated on this before – could it be right this time?

Maybe the Gord going early bets might be winners after all.

Mike Smithson

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