Megrahi: The battle of the polls continues

Megrahi: The battle of the polls continues


MORI has Scots more evenly split

Just trying to keep up with the Scottish polls on Megrahi is getting to be quite difficult and there has been another one overnight – by MORI for the Reuters news agency.

This found that 40% of Scots were in favour of the decision with 47% opposed – so numbers that are more sympathetic to the SNP position than the ICM poll reported earlier. It’s hard to compare one poll with another because both asked very different questions and both provided a different range of possible answers. MORI was more nuanced.

Thus it found that 37% said they “strongly disagreed” with the decision to free Megrahi, while a further 10 percent “tended to disagree”. But that was almost balanced by 19 percent who “strongly agreed” with 21 percent who “tended to agree”.

A key difference might, however, have been timing. Almost all the fieldwork for this poll was completed before work on the ICM poll started.

A Westminster voting intention poll in the Telegraph? There is a suggestion that there might be a poll in a picture of the paper’s front page that has been shown on Sky News – but nothing so far on the paper’s website. Maybe the plan is to try to sell more copies of the printed edition and who can blame them?

Mike Smithson

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