The weekend poll that we missed

The weekend poll that we missed

CON 40 (-2) LAB 25 (nc) LD 20 (+2)

“Others” continue to take a big slice

There was a weekend poll after all – in the People which now seems to be doing a monthly survey with YouGov. I did look a couple of times at the paper’s website overnight on Sat/Sun but nothing seemed to be on it.

The numbers have not changed that much although the Tories might be a tad disappointed to be down a couple of points with the Lib Dems going up by the same amount. As Anthony Wells as UK Polling Report points out this is the highest LD share from the pollster for nearly a year. Generally YouGov gives smaller numbers for Clegg’s party than the other firms.

Support for the other parties – UKIP/GREEN/BNP continues at the same highish level – clearly the MP expenses saga and the Euro elections are still impacting on the national picture.

The big trend, Labour continuing in the mid-20s, remains and unless the party can edge up to the 30s then a big general election defeat is in prospect.

Mike Smithson

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