Does Osborne’s background rule him out as a “cutter”?

Does Osborne’s background rule him out as a “cutter”?

Guardian Unlimited

Are we being prepared for Chancellor Hammond?

The main lead in the Guardian today is that featured above and deals with the massive issue that will dominate the Tory government if they do indeed win the election – spending cuts.

For me what’s interesting is the it’s based on an interview with Philip Hammond – not the shadow chancellor, George Osborne.

On the face of it this seems odd and reinforces my earlier view that it’s Hammond not Osborne who will be Cameron’s chancellor.

For the Tories will inherit the need for public expenditure cuts on a scale that has not been seen for decades. The chancellor will be the public face of the inevitable squeeze and the state school educated Hammond who had a considerable career in private industry before entering politics might be better positioned than Osborne.

My money is on Hammond for next chancellor.

And what of Osborne – I think is a big role is planned right at the heart of the Tory Number 10.

Mike Smithson

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