Tories with 16-point lead from Ipsos-MORI

Tories with 16-point lead from Ipsos-MORI

CON 40 (+2) LAB 24 (+3) LD 18 (-1)

“Others” fall as we move further from the Euros

A new poll from Ipsos-MORI shows the big two parties gaining most as the high support for Others around the time of the Euros continues to ebb away, with the Conservatives up two points to the key threshold of 40, and Labour climbing three up into the mid-20s.

The decline for the share of “Others” (down 4 to 18 – Greens & UKIP 5, BNP & Nats 3, Others 2) is in line with recent polls from other outlets and as Anthony Wells notes over on UK Polling Report:

“…it’s Labour who have gained the most, but together with the other recent polls that have shown the Lib Dems or Conservatives with the largest increase I think we can reasonably conclude that the decline in support for minor parties has not disproportionately benefited any of the big three.”

MORI, as Our Genial Host always states, only include those 100% certain to vote in their headline numbers, and as has been mentioned before on PB, it won’t be until the Conference season has finished in October that we’ll get more meaningful polls again.

Double Carpet

6.05pm update: One of my contacts at MORI has kindly emailed me the full details of the July Political Monitor, now available by clicking above.

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