Should you put your life savings on the Tories?

Should you put your life savings on the Tories?

Is a Conservative victory almost an absolute certainty?

With interest rates on savings now at about 0.5% after tax I’ve suggested before that having a political bet on what seems like a certainty might be a good way of getting a return on your money.

The government, in their wisdom, have switched the balance between savings and borrowers to such a point that there is no point in doing things like saving up for your retirement. Is it any wonder that there’s a shortage of mortgage funds?

I digress. I last suggested such a betting investment course in November 2008 on the day before the White House election and I was surprised, if not a little shocked, to discover that one PBer took my advice and put £10,000 on Obama at odds that were tighter and 1/10. He won of course and I wonder whether Norwich North now represents another opportunity.

The great thing is that you would only have to lock your stake money up for few days and looking at the current polls then the Tories must be rock-bottomed certainties to take the seat.

Just look at these numbers, the local election results, and the Euro results and it is hard to see how Cameron’s party can fail. No wonder he has visited the city three times already.

The bookies think the same but a small return in bet winnings is one helluva lot more than you would get from the building society.

The SportingIndex market above is based on 25 points for the winner, 10 points for second 5 points for third. It’s a good place for second and third place betting.

Mike Smithson

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