Does the sacked ambassador have a chance in Norwich?

Does the sacked ambassador have a chance in Norwich?

Could Craig cash in on the anti-pol mood?

The news that Craig Murray is to stand in the Norwich North by election could really shake up the race and makes the betting quite interesting. Murray came to public attention in 2003 when he was sacked as Britain’s ambassador to Uzbekistan for taking a stance against torture.

He now says that he’s to run in the July 23rd by election on an anti-sleaze ticket which might just capture the public mood.

Craig is a well known blogger and campaigner on freedom issues and might just have the right proposition for this very strange by election which by its very nature is going to be sleaze-centred.

My guess is that he’ll get a mass of media attention and could possibly do well. Certainly he’s a lot more going for him as an independent than the Esther Rantzens of this world.

I think this move could make it that much harder for the Tories to take the seat which is normal circumstances you would have regarded as a certainty.

When Ladbrokes first listed him as a runner the price was 100/1. I got on at 33/1.

Mike Smithson

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