Labour get three points closer with YouGov

Labour get three points closer with YouGov

CON 38 (-2) LAB 25(+1) LD 18 (nc)

But “others” continue to impact on the numbers

The Telegraph’s YouGov poll for June is out and shows modest changes on the last survey from the firm a fortnight ago.

Labour will be pleased to have clawed back the deficit to what appears a modest 13 points. The Tories will be disappointed to be down in the 30s again while it’s no change for the Lib Dems.

The changes are modest and all within the margin of error.

There’s not really a lot else to say apart from the fact support for “other” parties continues to have a big impact on the overall figures. This is down to the continued ripples from the Euro elections at the start of the month and it could take until October before the polling gets back to normal.

Mike Smithson

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