Could Bercow be a future PM?

Could Bercow be a future PM?

What do we think of Paul Linford’s speculation?

Labour inclined blogger, Paul Linford has an interesting post under the heading “Could it be Prime Minister Bercow one day?”.

His article looks at some of the historical precedent and then concludes:

“..Bercow has said he will do nine years in the Chair, effectively two full Parliaments plus the toe-end of this one. That will make him 55 when he stands down – younger than Gordon Brown was when he became Prime Minister in 2007.

The only remaining question is: If Bercow did decide to pursue a post-Speakership career, would it be as a Tory or a Labour MP?..”

Nice one Paul and I note that you start the post with “at the risk of giving the Tories another bout of apoplexy…”

Stranger things have happened – who would have thought that an arch-right winger would have so managed his career that he secured the speakership by getting the overwhelming support of Labour MPs?

Mike Smithson

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