So now it’s down to six?

So now it’s down to six?

Is it going to be Bercow after all?

On the previous thread someone picked up this from the Guardian – “ To win, someone is going to have to get 298 votes. Bercow is well ahead of young, but even with all the Beckett votes and all the Dhanda votes he only gets up to 279 votes. Can he get another 20-odd votes from Beith? It could turn out to be very, very close.”

My guess is that Young will attract the “anybody but Bercow” vote and the big question is how much of Beckett’s and Beith’s support will get behind him. We can assume that most of the supporters of the other Tory contenders will get behind Young.

In the betting Bercow is the worthy odds on favourite but there is still a contest out there.

Mike Smithson

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