Will glowing tributes be the order of the day?

Will glowing tributes be the order of the day?

But what will Nick Clegg say?

It’s going to be a strange PMQs with, I guess, almost every MP who is called paying their tribute to Michael Martin for whom this will be the final session before he steps down on Sunday.

The commons can be a sentimental place on these occasions and that’s what we will see today.

I just wonder how Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, is going to handle it? For it was he, it will be recalled, who broke with convention and made a specific call for Martin to go. Anything too effusive from him and it will look a bit odd.

Apart from that Brown is, surely, going to find a way of getting Andrew Lansley’s “10%” in and no doubt Cameron has got his plan for dealing with it. It will also get mentioned by most of the Labour MPs who get called – all a bit predictable but then that is PMQs.

I’m tied up all lunchtime and will have to catch up later.

Mike Smithson

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